Photography © Steve Rosenthal

The firm has undertaken a variety of projects for the Peabody Museum and its related museums within the historic 19th century University Museum building complex. An initial renovation in 1981 included a varied scope of work affecting 50,000 SF of space in the Museum and an adjacent structure. Portions of gallery space were converted into efficient and modern storage areas for the museum's extensive archaeological and ethnological collections. New collections storage units, some on mobile bases, were custom designed to accommodate the diverse sizes, shapes, and types of objects within the collections. An unfinished part of the attic was adapted to house new conservation laboratories and additional collections storage. A new multi-level storage system for less climate sensitive non-organic objects was designed and installed in a nearby structure. Subsequent projects included the creation of the Hall of the North American Indians (a showcase for an extensive collection of Native American artifacts) in a large first floor gallery, renovations to multiple office spaces, and the creation and renovation of several research laboratories.